Fully featured print management

We make print management as easy and pain free as possible. From simple tracking and monitoring of print jobs, to integrating BYOD printing or advanced custom job management, PaperCut can be up and running in minutes.

Choose between the DIY version, PaperCut NG, and the fully supported PaperCut MF or Umango depending on your print requirements.

Provides a powerful, easy to configure and use batch scanning solution. Offers a flexible range of options for extracting information from your images and paperwork. Includes TWAIN scanning and embedded MFP functionality (on supported devices).


  • Create zones to extract information from images and paperwork. Supports zonal OCR, Key from image (KFI), list of values and Smart Seek (find a word or phrase). Barcode recognition and database lookup (optional).
  • Zones can be formatted to expect certain characters and format structures.
  • Supports watching folders, supported MFDs and TWAIN compatible scanners.
  • MFP connections also provides for real-time extraction of zonal information and validation at the device (refer to supported MFP’s and technical requirements).
  • Supports running extraction jobs as a Windows Service.
  • Base product includes outputs to network folder and csv text file of data (refer to EO-016-ZZ for 3rd party databases connectors).Supports document separator sheets, separate by fixed number and by keyword. Barcode separation requires barcode module
  • Exported file formats include TIFF, PDF, PDF/A.

Click here for more information on Umango document management

Automated Print Audits

Office Print Direct offers a range of discovery tools to capture and collate data from network and local devices, and user data. The total number of pages sent to devices and the actual volume of printing can be identified. The devices can then be plotted onto floor plans and their associated data analysed by a TCO (total cost of ownership) tool. This data and analysis are then used to identify cost savings and to produce a recommendation for a new print strategy and managed content solution.

Rapid Assessment Key

The Rapid Assessment Key is a straightforward tool, which can be used by a sales person to generate a quick audit of all network printers. The tool reports the volumes produced by each device giving the sales person the information to qualify the opportunities.

IneoPRINT Office Print Direct


ineoPRINT offers convenient printing from any smartphone or tablet.  Now it’s easier to print and manage your documents when you’re on the go. ineoPrint makes it intuitive and simple.

DMS Assistant for SIMS

Develop SIMS connectivity for Education

SIMS is the key source of information on your pupils and staff. However, storing paper based documents against that information can be time consuming, particularly if you have a large amount of information to store. The Document Management Server Assistant for SIMS (DMSA) has been designed to make getting those documents into and out of SIMS simple and cost effective.

Key Benefits:

  • Saves space and money
  • Transfer pupil information electronically
  • Cost effective solution
  • Increased security
  • Aids disaster recovery in the event of fire, flood or theft
  • Ensures documents are filed correctly and in date order
  • Simple and fast retrieval of records

Konica Minolta Serverless Printing LK114

Serverless printing provides enhanced printing allowing the release of print jobs from a Develop MFP in the fleet.

Documents and the information stay secure as printing will only start after the user authenticates at the chosen output device. Serverless is a follow me print solution using the MFP as a storage device instead of a print server to store and spool print jobs

Key Benefits:

  • All your company information saved and made available at the touch of a button
  • Reduce print costs, waste and network traffic with secure serverless printing
  • Free up office storage space
  • Easily locate important office documents via web browser
  • Answer your customer enquiries faster, focus on core business
  • Different access possibilities via smartphone, tablet, notebook or desktop computer
  • Short training times thanks to intuitive user interface